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Motul Mugen Civic Si Race Car. And a lot of more Honda's!

08-08-2011, 18:48:21   -   Motul Mugen Civic Si Race Car. And a lot of more Honda's!

Please reply in Englisch.

I've have got a lot of pics and stories but i will take it short Big Grin

Replica Motul Civic Video

Speedhunters repo

[Image: 5571160836_ab0e9f2fe0_b.jpg]
Hi there from Holland!

My name is Dick Storm and together with my wife we own 5 Honda's.
I'm 30 and i have worked for 7 years at a Honda Dealer and for 5 years at a Toyota Dealer.

Here are our cars.

The cars...

-Honda Civic Motul Mugen Si Race Car Replica.
-Honda Crx EE8 vtec.
-Honda Crx ED9 DOHC.
-Honda Civic EG4.
-Honda Beat.

it all started about 5 years ago when i bought this civic compleetly stock with a 1300cc carb engine.
i saw some pics from the Motul Mugen Civic on the net.
and so the project begins and is still running.

i found a lot of info and the original mods thanx 2 rpr and new sealand. thanx!

The specs from my Replica Motul Mugen Civic Si Race Car.

-Civic AG 3rd Gen 1.6SI -1987-
-Replica Mugen Motul Civic Si Race Car.

Type Engine
-ZC1 1600cc 16 Valve. 125ps +- 750kg.


-Mugen MR5.

- Yokohama R032 Semi Slicks.

-Front : Nitrac 260mm Brakes with ITR Brackets.
-Ferodo DS2500 brakepads.
-Rear : Stock drumbrakes.
-Stainless steel brakelines.

-ZC1 Crx AS swap.
-Hondata intake gasket.
-Open side exhoust.
-Cold air intake.

-Replica Mugen Motul Civic Si Race Car.
Winner of all group A races in 1987.
-Spoon style mirrors.
-Front towinghook.
-Rear towinghook.
-SI frontspoiler.

-Fully stripped interieur.
-Black dash.
-Black doorpanels.
-Sparco bucket seats.
-Bleu race harnas.
-Momo 70cm steeringwheel.
-4 point rollcage.
-CRX AS cluster.

-Upper strutbar.
-Koni Shockabsorbers.
-Modified front shocks and torsionbar-suspension.


Last March i had a little spin with the Civic on the track.
For a week my necks really hurts..
The Civic is almost ready now and doesn't have a lot of damage.
A found some parts and they only need a colorjob.
In September the Civic is back on track!
Maby earlyer in France Big Grin

In 2010 we've got married and there has to be a diffrent car, ofcourse a Honda.
So we take the plane to England and bought a Honda Beat.
After a trip of almost 1000km back to Holland the Beat got a respray. Big Grin
And now Bobby is living with us in our garage. Smile

[Image: DSC03556.jpg]

[Image: DSC03615.jpg]
[Image: DSC03620.jpg]
[Image: DSC03726.jpg]
[Image: DSC03738.jpg]

[Image: DSC03754.jpg]
[Image: DSC03772.jpg]
[Image: DSC03788.jpg]
[Image: DSC03834.jpg]
[Image: DSC03940.jpg]
[Image: DSC04129.jpg]
[Image: DSC00547.jpg]
[Image: DSC00508.jpg]

[Image: DSC00061.jpg]
[Image: DSC00064.jpg]
[Image: DSC00084.jpg]
[Image: DSC00074.jpg]
[Image: DSC00075.jpg]
[Image: DSC00079.jpg]
[Image: DSC00123.jpg]
[Image: DSC00161.jpg]
[Image: DSC00183.jpg]
[im[Image: RAW_1516.jpg]
[Image: RAW_1041.jpg]
[Image: RAW_1570.jpg]g][/img]

The Motul Civic
[Image: civicoud.jpg]
the original.
[Image: 064.jpg]

[Image: 114a-1.jpg]
[Image: S5032117.jpg]
[Image: S5032120.jpg]

[Image: _MG_0629.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4275-border.jpg]
[Image: JAF_2010_0007.jpg]
[Image: 4-1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4802800x600.jpg]

[Image: jaf_27.jpg]

[Image: jaf2011-13.jpg]

[Image: 5707591054_56bf0e4b2e_b.jpg]
[Image: JapanseAutosportFestival2011167.jpg]

[Image: 5699524895_3cb8563933_z.jpg]
[Image: S5032977.jpg]
[Image: S5032979.jpg]

Driveby video and crash
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TherealstarX26 MJL Hors ligne
Senior Member

200SX S14a, Civic AH53GT
26 - Drôme France
Messages : 1 316
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08-08-2011, 21:53:11   -    
Nice projet Wink

One day, i will do the same thing with another AH than my GT. Perhaps with a ZC or a B16. And with all my fiberglass parts for sure Wink

I saw your project on RPP Wink

[Image: akww.jpg][Image: y2nd.jpg]
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Scape Hors ligne
Active Member

Civic EK4 K20A Osaka JDM Style
66 Pyrénées-Orientales
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09-08-2011, 01:25:14   -    
Welcome mate !!! Very nice cars .... ^^ I love you got married with the beat ..... xD
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Brabus Hors ligne
HEM Crew

Honda Civic ED7
59 - Nord France
Messages : 3 402
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Inscription : Aug 2008
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09-08-2011, 20:18:52   -    
Hey my friend nice to see you there Wink

if you wanted to track at the Honda Euro Meet email me at Wink

hope the Si will be ready on time ! what are the other cars you're comming with ?

cheers mate Wink

HondaEuroMeet Lead

Full Car Tuning
Informations, devis, réducs ....=> info@fullcartuning.Fr

EDT-Z6HC - Anticonformisme
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osaka Hors ligne
Active Member

Messages : 196
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Inscription : Jan 2006
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09-08-2011, 21:10:46   -    
Hey hey welcome on board

cheers buddy ;-)
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wasabi0007 Hors ligne
Junior Member

Messages : 15
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Inscription : Dec 2009
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09-08-2011, 21:50:33   -    
Really good job on the Civic! Keep up the good work!

[Image: 100307033549594440.jpg]
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rsjapan Absent
Senior Member

- France
Messages : 4 988
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Inscription : Nov 2008
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11-08-2011, 19:04:37   -    
I think your car is the most amazing replica in Europe (perhaps in the world) very awesome to see how you build your machine !!! Shock
in my case I try to create another replica the famous crx mugen race GT4 1985 and you know as me how it's difficult to do it !!
I hope I'll can make the similar work ...
and one day perhaps we can join this two cars Wink
not tomorrow but one day...yes one day.... Wink

here the link in this forum

(15-01-2014, 19:25:17)Gewiome a écrit : L'Homme à un Dieu, Dieu à un Chuck Norris... et Chuck Norris à un RSjapan !! LOL

(31-01-2014, 03:02:00)MacArony a écrit : toute façon serge c'est un dieu chuck norris il peut tout faire les yeux fermés LOL

mon CRX Replica...

ma Epson Replica...
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CharlyCRX Hors ligne
Expert Civic 3G / CRX 1G / Shuttle
Team Sac

AS53 EE4 ED9 FK3
13 - Bouches-du-Rhône France
Messages : 6 282
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12-08-2011, 10:30:55   -    
Hi Dickiecrx-vt,

We have met during the HEM#1 in Nijkerk Wink
I was just next to you with the old red AS53 ZC.

Nice to see you come to the HEM#2, but I won't be there with the same car as last year.

Cheers !

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13-08-2011, 18:37:34   -    
Thanx all!

With what car are you going to the meet?

Wow! That Crx replica is so cool!
Hope to see it soon in real life!
A replica repo special! Big Grin

Finaly it's alive again!
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skaskadeur72 Hors ligne
Active Member

Messages : 401
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Inscription : Mar 2007
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14-08-2011, 00:42:35   -    
Just .... CRAZY !

Welcome here man.

If anyone calls you "god" would be normal....we're in france ^^
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11-10-2011, 20:17:39   -    
thanx all!

The Civic is running again and had some trackdays!
France, Time Attack finals in Holland and my wife puched the Civic on the track!

A few weeks ago i continued the Time Attack compition.
This time it was the final race.
In the biginning of this year is started in division Semi Pro. but i was to fast for the index time so i was transfered in division Pro.
The final race i did't push the Civic to hard and my laptime was just 2.21 after is did a 2.16 in just four laps before my crash earlear this year..
The final results for me with my 125hp little Civic was a 25th place out of 29 contestents witch were K-Civic's, K-Integra's, B-series Civic's, Evo's and much more. Not to badSmile

I'm planning to rebuild the Civic suspension and upgrade the car to a real trackday Civic and I hope to make my comeback in 2013..

Final results :

Video of the final Time Attack event. ( Also onboard Motul footage )

Time Attack final pics:

[Image: DSC_0213bew.jpg]

[Image: faoeuo.jpg]

My wife on the track!

[Image: DSCF1098.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6624-border.jpg]

In France.

[Image: 297082_204202559639962_100001506588005_5...7303_n.jpg]
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24-11-2011, 22:39:24   -    
Just enjoying the track during the last Time Attack session in 2011.
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Alcyoneus Hors ligne
Senior Member

nissan note nismo 2019
- Japan
Messages : 3 528
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24-11-2011, 22:51:22   -    

Le fait que le monde soit peuplé de crétins permet a chacun d'entre nous de passer inaperçu...
-> civic sedan 1990, leudédeu, vendu.
-> EG6 B18, la Spoonette, vendu.
-> Honda Civic EG V6, by Type Max.

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09-05-2012, 20:08:58   -    
It's time for some major updates!

Also this year I signed up again with the Dutch Time Attack compitition.
Last few weeks the Civic had some big updates/upgrades.
Another 4 weeks to go for the first race and there's still a lot to do!

Things that have been adapted:
- Coolant oil cooler mounted.
- ITR rear swaybar is over. ( 24mm)
- Full Rally AST shock absorbers mounted. ( Custom made , 14 way adjustible )
- Rear wheels more camber.
- Front torsion bars replaced. (20 mm---21 mm and shorter)
- Front swaybar replaced. (16 mm--20 mm)
- Crx AXLE steering rack mounted.
- The bodywork is reinforced with pop rivets in a number of places.
- Masterkillswitch pull cable mounted.

Stll to do :
- A lot!!

[Image: 7461512.jpg]

[Image: 7461529.jpg]

[Image: 7461528.jpg]

[Image: 7611681.jpg]

[Image: 7674313.jpg]

[Image: 7674312.jpg]

[Image: 7674202.jpg]

[Image: 7674203.jpg]

[Image: 7674311.jpg]

[Image: 7674200.jpg]

[Image: 7628072.jpg]

[Image: 7628056.jpg]
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09-05-2012, 20:09:24   -    
"This Sunday, 25 years after his victory in the Group A class, the replica of the Motul Mugen Civic SI Race Car will be doing a tribute to Osamu Nakako Hideki Okada who raced this Civic in 1987.
But a special tribute will be made to Soichiro Honda.
RIP Oyaji"

Last Sunday the Civic joint the second round of the Time Attack competition in the Netherlands.

After the crash last year i begon to rebuild the suspension earlier this year.
I can post some pics from the rebuild, but there are a lot Big Grin
At the first of April the first round of the dutch Time Attack took place at TT circuit Assen. For me this was a testing session to vring back some trust in the Civic.
It went great! But i didn't push it to hard so i only ended at the 16th place with 37 contestants..

Last Sunday the little Motul Civic made his comeback!
2 seconds faster then last year after i only did 4 laps before i crashed..
The Civic feld great! Cornering was absolutly fantastic!
I made it to the finals and finisht at 6th with 33 contestants! ( ITR's, Nsx-es, b16/b18 Civic's, Impreza's )
Happy again!

Here is a video from inside the Motul Civic.
Some yellow flays in the biginning.. at 11min i drove my fasted lap 8)

Enjoy the video! ( straight exhaust pipe..)

[Image: 7949086.jpg]

[Image: 8178426.jpg]

[Image: 8178408.jpg]

[Image: 8178409.jpg]

[Image: 8178407.jpg]
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jimmy07 Hors ligne
Senior Member

- -
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09-05-2012, 20:40:26   -    
Tres belle voiture!
Je ne comprends rien a l anglais donc pas tout suivi... Sad
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09-05-2012, 21:17:00   -    
Maby Brabs can translate this? Big Grin
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09-05-2012, 22:05:12   -    
"Very beautiful car !

I don't understand english so I didn't get everything"

btw really nice cars Big Grin ! especially the motul one !
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02-08-2012, 18:40:37   -   RE: Motul Mugen Civic Si Race Car. And a lot of more Honda's!
Thanx all!!


Pics time!!

Hope to see you soon @ HEM3!! With a track session!!
Maby next year with the BeatBig Grin

[Image: 8546398.jpg]

[Image: 8546400.jpg]

[Image: 7949093.jpg]
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mikavtec Hors ligne
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24-08-2012, 12:36:14   -   RE: Motul Mugen Civic Si Race Car. And a lot of more Honda's!
ouch ! well done ! I'm falling in love for your Honda Civic AH53 really ! Have you some video for HEM3 track session? How do you feel with the rear sway bar? Engine is basic ZC1 with 125hp? Evolution for the futur? Motor and Gearbox? Ciao !
(Modification du message : 24-08-2012, 12:38:26 par mikavtec.)
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jejephiroth Hors ligne
Senior Member
Team Sac

Messages : 2 013
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24-08-2012, 13:08:41   -   RE: Motul Mugen Civic Si Race Car. And a lot of more Honda's!
i don't speak english very well, but i want you to know that your mugen race car is very pretty and you do a good job, you have a great family, and your wife take the wheel on race!

so, you look like nespresso:

Dickiecrx-vt, what else?

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onlytaquet Hors ligne
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Honda S2000
78 - Yvelines France
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24-08-2012, 13:35:07   -   RE: Motul Mugen Civic Si Race Car. And a lot of more Honda's!
welcome here !

Nice collection. You're cars are so clean, frechys need to take this exemple.

Big Grin  Honda S2000 - An. 2000 - Gris Silverstone  Big Grin
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